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Day 1

During Day One, we are going to be talking all about PURPOSE. Oftentimes I see people make really good money in their jobs but they still feel like they are missing something or feel unfulfilled. 


We are going to get crystal clear on the job that you want, and how to develop the vision for what is next in your career.

Day 2

After covering some ground breaking material in Day 1, in this session we will follow up with the theme of PRESENTS. Who do you need to be to set yourself up for the best possible opportunities that are available to you? 


You will discover the secret to getting your dream offer without having to apply to a million and one different places.

Day 3

On the final day of the Career Accelerator we are going to focus on the POWER of your resume. There is a list of common mistakes people make when it comes to their resumes that keeps them from getting to the next stage of the hiring process. 


In this session we will uncover 3 simple steps to creating a standout resume that will open the door to your dream career. 

"The vision of your perfect career was given to you for a purpose and it’s your choice to decide to fulfill it or not. "

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"Larnell helped me navigate a difficult economic period and helped me put together my experience into something that was marketable. Larnell helped me realize the breadth of my experience and help me modernize my resume and job searching experience. His knowledge of the market and hiring processes is beyond superb and gives you good strategies to make you marketable."

Anthony Morse

"Larnell's coaching gave me the confidence to reframe my career path and build the foundations for a new business. By the time we completed our coaching sessions, I was swimming in opportunities with many new tools to make them successful."

Madelynn Ringo

"Larnell has been my cheerleader and guiding light over the last 3 months. I walked into our coaching sessions feeling insecure, scared, and unsure of my future and walked out feeling very reassured, validated, and confident! I have a job, side hustle, and a career plan to help me in 2021! I am so grateful and thankful for Larnell. He really changed my life for the better! 100/10 would recommend Larnell to anyone looking for more satisfaction in their work."

Varuna Srinivasan

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