Career Advancement Program

Helping you make your next career move to increase your income, impact, influence, and network

Career Advancement

Build your dream career toolkit and perfect your craft for each stage of the job search journey.


Career Coaching

Dive into the essence of what makes you stand out, and receive 1-on-1 coaching to help you land your dream job.

Resume & LinkedIn

Get connected with expert coaches to build a stellar resume and transformative LinkedIn presence.



Expand your network and build meaningful relationships with leaders across diverse industries.

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Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • 8 Signature Career Advanced Modules

  • ​6 Flexible Hours of 1:1 Career Coaching

  • Expert 1:1 Resume Revision & Support

  • Expert 1:1 LinkedIn Optimization Support & Profile Revision


    Weekly Power Ups

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment

Career Advancement Program Components

The program is designed to be completed within 3 months; but we're offering up to six months to access the weekly signature modules and power ups to create more flexibility for you with your schedule.

  • Flexible Hours of 1:1 Career Coaching

    You’ll get 6 hours of personalized career coaching to own your story, build your confidence, create your own career plan, and get individualized feedback and support to help you land your dream job. You can choose to schedule 30-minute sessions on a weekly basis or 1-hour sessions every other week.

  • Weekly Power Ups

    Join us for weekly collaborative community power-up sessions on Thursdays to expand your network and exchange ideas, resources, and support with leaders, coaches, and special guests across diverse industries. You’ll have access to these Weekly Community Power Ups for up to 6 months!

  • Expert 1:1 Resume & LinkedIn Optimization 

    You’ll receive one (1) full resume writing revision and one (1) LinkedIn profile revision from one of our expert resume coaches. Includes one 30-minute coaching session where we will hear and support your resume needs, elevate your LinkedIn profile and  engagement strategy. 

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment

    You’ll be given a unique online code to take a 30-minute assessment to unlock your top 5 strengths through Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Assessment and explore how you can communicate and leverage these strengths throughout your job search and career journey!

Hi, I'm Larnell Vickers

I started out as a high school teacher and while it was rewarding work impacting young minds, I knew there was more I had to do. I started recruiting and supporting individuals in finding meaningful work, believing if more people were doing work they loved, there would be more good in the world. I also worked with executives from over 25 organizations across diverse industries and helped them hire new managers, directors, and top leaders.


I’ve screened hundreds of resumes and conducted hundreds of interviews. I saw firsthand the difference between candidates that got passed over and ones that continued through the process. I know what hiring decision-makers are looking for and I know what is needed to succeed. I started Larnell Vickers Enterprises shortly thereafter.

In five years, my career coaching business has changed the lives of hundreds of individuals. I’ve provided direction and focus for those who recently lost a job or felt stuck in their current job and helped them develop the skills and confidence to land new roles in a super competitive job market. But, most importantly, I listen. I want to support you in getting clear on your vision for the future, what lights you up, how you want to grow, and what’s been holding you back so that we can co- create the best path forward together. Sure, I’ll take you out of your comfort zone to grow in new ways that will be sure to advance your career, but you will be supported during every step of the journey.


I coach individuals from being in a place of survival to embracing and experiencing a new realm of possibility in their careers and in their lives. Let's take this journey together!

Larnell Vickers Enterprises’ signature
is a powerful and transformative 12-week journey designed for you to discover the strategies and mindsets that will launch the next chapter of your career and increase your INCOME, IMPACT,

Every Day People Who Join Our Program Are...

  • Landing Their Dream Jobs!

  • Becoming More Financially Independent

  • Recruited Into Top Tier Companies 

  • Gaining Clarity On Their Purpose!

  • Making Career Changes with Confidence

  • Building Confidence In Their Career 

Ready to start living

the life you've imagined right


Get started on landing your dream job today!


See what other REAL professionals who decided to do the CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAM are saying...

"I took the 90 day journey with Larnell hoping to find clarity on my next
career step. What happened during our time together went so far beyond that. Larnell's goal oriented method of coaching drove self reflection, internal and external clarity and helped me find evidence within my circles to reinforce characteristics I might have been hesitant to harness. Within this process we were able to outline tangible weekly steps that, almost without me seeing how, got me to a place beyond the initial goals I set with him. I now see my career path more clearly, feel motivation coming from a different place than before and am excited to take on the challenges before me. I would fully recommend Larnell and his method to anyone wanting more clarity on their career overall and the practical steps to get there."

Kyle Hagenburger

"Larnell helped me gain clarity on my career and how I was showing up in the world. His deep tranquil nature  helped me ground myself and really figure out the answers I was looking for. He has a sense of humor and a gentle nature that really lets you grow in a judgement free and inclusive space. I would recommend Larnell for personal or career coaching. Especially if know you got something to offer the world, but you do not know
where to start. He can get you there."

Julie Santo

 "Larnell helped me navigate a difficult economic period and finally helped me realize the breadth of my experience and help me modernize my resume and job searching experience. His knowledge of the market and hiring processes is beyond superb and marketing myself is so easy now!"

Anthony Morse

Career Advancement


The program is designed to be customizable and flexible to your goals, your needs, and your schedule!

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